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Why Easysleep Beds are Different From Other Adjustable Beds
What if the secret to a good night’s sleep was right at your fingertips? Well it can be when you sleep on an Easysleep therapeutic sleep solution. With the push of a button you can adjust our electrical bed to just the right position for you each and every night, and finally say good-bye to the flat bed, one-size-fits-all way of sleeping.
Why is an adjustable bed a better choice for rest and relaxation?

When you lie on a flat mattress:

  • You put undue stress and strain on key points of your body.
  • These pressure points cause you to be uncomfortable, waking you from sleep.
  • The natural curvature of your back cannot be supported, causing your lower back and hips to sink into the mattress, which creates pain and discomfort.


An Easysleep Adjustable Bed allows you to effortlessly adjust the custom made mattress to the perfect position for you, relieving the pressure and stress that builds up in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees and ankles. You can sleep comfortably on your side or your back all night long.

Easysleep’s Singular Focus: A Benefit to You
We sell only one product at Easysleep – adjustable beds with custom made 100% Natural Latex mattresses and Cool Gel Fusion High Density Memory Foam. That’s it, nothing else. And we only sell one line of beds, the highest quality.

At Easysleep, our Sleep Advisors are specialists in every aspect of the bedding business and have more knowledge about adjustable beds than any other mattress sales employees anywhere. Our delivery and service personnel are also experts in the field. They work only for us and they deliver and service our adjustable beds full-time.

Everyone at Easysleep eats, sleeps and breathes adjustable beds. We make the best adjustable bed available, using the highest quality components with quiet and reliable European motors. Our mattresses are custom made for you and specially designed by us for years of adjustability and support.

You don’t have to worry about the following commonplace practices that are the status quo in retail bedding stores:

  • Being sold the special of the week because the manufacturer will pay a larger commission to have their product line sold
  • Bait and switch advertising to get you in the front door
  • A salesman that has little or no knowledge of beds or mattresses, and the only criteria they are motivated to explore, is which bed can he or she make the most commission on.

Electric Adjustable Base

An Easysleep Adjustable Bed allows you to effortlessly adjust the custom made mattress to the perfect position for you....


100% Natural Latex Mattresses

Custom made from the highest quality 100% Natural Latex a sustainable renewable resource to suit your individual needs....


Cool Gel Fusion Memory Foam

Easysleep cool gel fusion is an innovative environmentally responsible memory foam with a high quality, high density foam core...


Hi-Lo Adjustable Bed

The Hi-Lo Adjustable Bed has been cleverly designed with the safety of carer and user in mind....